Code Official Services

Building Officials, Fire Officials, Certified Inspectors


Be confident that the safety needs of your community are in the hands of experienced, certified and licensed professionals.  Whether you are understaffed, in transition or want a long term solution to code enforcement staffing problems, we can help.  The experts at Pandacon can handle your jurisdiction's code enforcement issues this week or for the foreseeable future.  

Plan Review


Pandacon's plan review services provide timely, accurate and thorough vetting of projects planned for your community.  A good plan review resolves most code compliance issues on paper before they become a problem in the field.  We provide these services for a fraction of the plan review fee collected by the jurisdiction.   

Plan review services include a review of the life safety, building, electrical, hvac, plumbing, accessibility, energy code and more.  Plan review for fire protection systems are also available.  

Accessibility and Title II ADA


The importance of providing access to persons with disabilities is a responsibility shared by all.  Small governmental institutions however, are required to comply with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Title II requires that each government entity create and maintain a program to ensure that all government facilities and programs are accessible.  Each jurisdiction is required to designate an individual to oversee this program.  However, few jurisdictions have the expertise or the extra manpower to handle the scale and scope of this requirement.  Pandacon can keep your City or County compliant and help to avoid unnecessary lawsuits.