A Higher Standard

High Quality Insurance

Pandacon carries Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability, E&O for 1 million/ 2 million aggregate as well as a builders bond and commercial vehicle coverage. 

Expanded Hours

We have personnel available for service and to answer calls after normal business hours and even on weekends.  

5 Star Rated

We are proud to say that we have excellent reviews and ratings on social media.  We believe this is a result of putting the safety of our customers and their families above all else.  

Indemnity for Realtor Referals

Our insurance coverage indemnifies realtors, bankers insurance agent, inspectors and other parties who refer customers to Pandacon for services.  

Greater Value

Pandacon is able to offer high quality services at very competitive prices.  Get more for your money!

Continued Support

Pandacon remains a source of information and support for clients after their service is complete.  Feel free to contact us with questions.  We are happy to assist!